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Learning Outside the Classroom

At New Seaham Academy, we love taking every opportunity to learn outside the classroom. We do this through our Outdoor Learning and also through our class trips and the visitors we have into school. On this page you can learn about some of these activities. 

Class 8 - Rainton Meadows (3 images)

We visited Rainton Meadows to learn about vertebrates and invertebrates. We completed a mini-beast hunt, where we had to sort and classify the bugs that we collected. We went pond-dipping and found a toad (these are bumpier than a frog). We also learnt that a male swan has a large bump on their bill and a female doesn't. Swans are owned by the Queen and it is illegal to shoot or kill one.

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Class 7 - Jarrow Hall (4 images)

We to Jarrow Hall to learn more about the Anglo Saxons. The objectives of the trip were to understand the Anglo Saxon justice system and learn about the life of St Bede. We got to dress in clothing from the time and learned about trials and punishments. We really enjoyed having a go at a battle of our own.

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Class 6 - Arbeia Fort (4 images)

The objective of our trip was to further understand the structure and purpose of Arbeia Fort. We had a tour of the Fort discussing the parts of a Roman Fort. We found out about the location and how Arbeia fort was different to other forts. We did a Time Quest Dig to see what we could find buried there. We looked for artefacts and discussed how they might have got there and what we can gain from them. We finished off with a roleplay of Romans defending fort on West Gate.

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Class 5 - Oriental Museum (4 images)

We went to the Oriental Museum in Durham. Our objective was to learn about life in Ancient Egypt. While we were there we got to touch real items from Ancient Egypt and learn how archaeologists use them to learn about that period in history. We also dressed up as Ancient Egyptians, saw the museums real Egyptian mummy and had a go at writing a message in hieroglyphics.

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Class 4 - Newcastle Castle Keep (4 images)

We explored why castles were built and the importance of the Keep in Newcastle from Roman times onwards. We learned about the rise of castle building and the decline of castles. We found out who were the important people in the castle and their jobs.

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Class 3 - Beamish (3 images)

Class 3ís trip was to Beamish. The Learning Objective was 'To identify similarities and differences between a country house and our own house'. On our trip we made lavender bags, candles using animal fat and ginger biscuits.

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Class 2 - Botanic Gardens (4 images)

We visited the Botanic Gardens in Durham. While there were building on our science work on habitats. We sorted trees into deciduous and evergreen. We learned how to use a leaf and bark identifier to classify different types of tree. We also classified a range of plants in the garden. We used sticks and leaves to create a diagram of a tree.

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Class 1 - Whitehouse Farm (4 images)

For our school trip we visited Whitehouse Farm. Our objectives were: PSED - Self-confidence and self awareness Communication and Language - speaking, understanding and listening and attention Physical Development - Health and self-care Understanding the world - The world

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