New Seaham Academy

Music Archive 2019-2020

At New Seaham Academy music is considered an essential part of a broad and balanced curriculum.

It is a foundation subject in the National Curriculum.

Music is concerned with the creative, aesthetic, emotional and spiritual response to rhythmic combinations of sound.

New Seaham Academy has a dedicated resource room in which the pupils make the most of a wide range of tuned instruments for melody and harmony. To underpin the importance of rhythm we use a wide range of percussion instruments as an integral part of the musical process.


School Band Tracks

Blinding Light

Dance Monkey

Someone You Love

The school band is selected each year from the most-able and gifted musicians in the school, identified by our music specialist. They receive after school specialist music provision to enhance their musical ability and stage craft, culminating in them performing and recording their own renditions of popular songs at a professional recording studio. The tracks above are the latest offering from our class of 2021.



Christmas Performance 2020




School band of 2019 recording at Loft Music Studios in Newcastle.