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15th July 2020

Dear All,

We hope all our children and families have a good summer break. On behalf of all staff we would like to say thank you for your messages of support and thank you gifts during these difficult times, it is very much appreciated.


The school will open as planned on Thursday 3rd September. We will be working through the holidays to ensure we follow the latest government guidance - details will be sent out to all parents via our text messaging service well before the start of the Autumn term.


Stay safe!

Update 3rd July

Dear Parents,

Yesterday the government published guidance on the full opening of schools in September.  The link to the guidance can be found below.  We will be working through the holidays scrutinizing the guidance and organising the school and the curriculum following this guidance.  As advised in the guidance we will be working closely with the Education Unions and the Local Authority.  We will keep parents informed over the holidays on our progress with this.  Parents will have all the necessary information about our children returning to school in September via the school website and Parentmail text messaging service when we have finalised the details.


Stay safe and hope you enjoy the summer break.…/acti…/guidance-for-full-opening-schools

Update 16th June

Dear parents we have welcomed back our Y6 children today and have an increase in key worker children attending. The school is now at capacity for the number of children we can have in because of the limited space and layout of the building. So sadly, even though we would love to welcome back our Reception children and Y1 children, they will not be able to attend this term. As you know, the government announced last week that no other year groups would be attending school this term but then announced that they can if schools have the space - which again, as much as we would love to have the children back, we don't have the space. Schools get to know these changes when you do so we have no prior warning of any changes.

Now we know the changes, we will be working on a recovery curriculum in the hope that school returns to normal in September, but like you, we only find out when the government announces it in the media. As soon as we know of any further changes or plans, we will let you know.

Update 10th June RE: WIDER OPENING  

Following a robust and rigorous Risk Assessment, the Board of Trustees of New Seaham Academy trust and staff of the school have agreed that in order to minimise the risk to all to a reasonably acceptable level, we would like to invite Y6 children back to school from wb 15th June.

Due to the significant limitations posed by the size and layout of the school building and the teachers available, it is only feasible to have one year group in school. Y6 are the most mature year group who are more likely to understand and adhere to social distancing and the stringent protective measures that we need to have in place in order to help reduce the risk to all.

The school will be open Mondays to Thursdays for all Key Worker children and Y6 and will be closed Fridays to enable domestic staff to complete a deep clean and reduce the risk to all in school and their families.

Y6 parents will soon receive a message via parentmail with a link to comprehensive details of the wider opening.

Please note Key Worker children will be able to access Child Care Provision from Mondays-Thursday from 15th June and the timings of the school day for them will remain the same.

Update 4th June:  *KEY WORKER PARENTS*

As there is a significant increase in Key Worker children attending childcare provision for wb 8th June, please note the change in arrangements to help keep everyone safe:


  • Parents will not be allowed on the school site so children will be collected by staff individually at 9.00am from the following entry points:
    • Key Stage 2 children from the gate next to car park.
    • Reception and KS1 children from the gate on Byron Terrace.


Please observe strict social distancing when waiting outside the gates with only one adult bringing children to school


  • Children do not need to wear uniform and should have a fresh set of clothes on each day.
  • Children may only bring a labelled water bottle and a lunch box where appropriate- no bags or other items please.
  • Children will not be able to bring their bikes or scooters.
  • Each child will be provided with their own hand sanitizer and box of tissues.
  • The children will be discharged individually by staff at the same points at 3.30pm.


Please note, parents will not be able to come to collect their children at any other time apart from 3.30pm.


We will be making changes to the organisation of the childcare provision in school to help keep everyone safe and to try and reduce the transmission of infection when children are in school.

It is important for everyone to observe these protocols so we appreciate your cooperation with this.


We hope you all continue to #staysafe

Update 1st June:  *KEY WORKER PARENTS*

The school will be open only for child care provision for key worker children for wb 8th June.

Could you please email the school: to inform us of your requirements for that week by THURSDAY 4th JUNE to secure a place. If you have not accessed this provision before and wish to do so, please email the school as soon as possible to get a form that needs to be completed.


Please note you will also need to email a letter from your employer as evidence of your key worker status.

We need to know the number of children by THURSDAY 4th JUNE in order to organise appropriate staffing so if you do not inform the school by then you will not secure a place.


We hope everyone continues to #staysafe


Dear Parents,


The health and safety of our children, staff and their families is paramount in considering whether it is safe to open the school more widely. The school is currently conducting robust risk assessments and when these indicate the risk is minimal, we will then consider inviting more pupils to attend school. The school will keep you updated from the school website and from the school's Facebook page.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during these difficult times and hope you all keep safe and well.


The Board of Trustees
New Seaham Academy Trust 


Further to our notice yesterday, can we politely inform parents that all safety measures contained therein follow the specific government advice provided to all schools.


We understand these are upsetting for our children and their families - as well as upsetting for all of us in school - and whilst we do not want to introduce such measures, we are compelled to do so in order to adhere to government advice.


You will shortly receive a text from parentmail with a link to the online form which needs to be completed by 3.30 pm, Monday 25th May.


* Please do not call or email the school with your responses *


As ever, we appreciate your cooperation and understanding during what are unprecedented challenges for us all.



As you are aware, the government has asked schools to consider the wider opening of schools from after the half term if their 5 tests have been met. Our half term will finish on June 8th so any wider opening of the school would be from that date at the earliest. We are currently conducting a robust risk assessment on the possibilities for New Seaham Academy using guidance from the government, the Education Unions and Durham LAs Health and Safety Team.


All of us at the school would love to the have the children back in with us as soon as possible - but only if it is safe to do so. The health and safety of our children and their families and the staff and their families will be paramount in any considerations. In order to assist us in our risk assessment we will need a general idea of how many children may be attending should the school open. Ultimately it will be parental choice in deciding whether they think it is safe for their children to attend and no parent will be penalised if they do not send their child to school should we have a wider opening.

As we are still at the initial stage of this, we will soon be sending out a short survey to those parents of children in Reception, Y1 and Y6 via text using Parentmail to ascertain the numbers of children we may need to consider.

In order for parents to make an informed choice in their responses we would like to give you some idea of how the school experience may look should we open for more children. These measures are all intended to try and reduce the risk to the health and safety of all in school and their families at home:


  • The learning environment and teaching strategies will be very different from what children will be used to and may be very challenging for them.
  • Children will be in small groups and in classrooms and areas that they may have not been in before. They may be taught by a teacher they are not used to. They will stay in the same small group all day and every day for learning, for breaks and for lunches. These groups may not be their usual circle of friends.
  • The classrooms will look very different with all furniture removed except for individual tables for the children to sit at, all soft furnishings, toys and equipment will be removed. They will each have their own table to sit at during the day with their own basic equipment and they will not be able to mix freely with their friends during learning.
  • They will not be able to share or play as they usually did during breaks and will have a designated area to stay in on the yard.
  • There will be no physical contact between staff and children as we need to try and ensure for the safety of everyone that they are kept apart.
  • There will be staggered starts and finish times, staggered breaks and lunchtimes all designed to reduce contact and help reduce risk of transmission. Parents will not be allowed on the school site and drop offs and pick ups will have to be carefully managed to ensure social distancing is secured.
  • Children will only be allowed to bring their own water bottles to school and a packed lunch if required in a packed lunch box not a bag. The caterers will be providing packed lunches in school for those who want them so no cooked lunches will be served.


We will of course do our very best to try and make everything as child friendly as possible but the protective measures needed to try and mitigate risk will have to prevail. We hope this information will help you make an informed decision about whether you think it is safe for your child to attend.


Home Learning

The school now has online home learning packs available located under the "HOME LEARNING" tab at the top right corner of this page.


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